Safety and more

BEO-BAND® pasture fencing

Safe pasture fencing

Your animals are entitled to safe pasture fencing. Whether you keep horses, sheep or cattle, safety is an important aspect of fencing off pastures. BEO-BAND® is the best choice of pasture fencing without a doubt; industrial fencing used worldwide by many professional horse stables and other businesses that regard the safety of their animals as a priority. No wonder, because in addition to aspects like durability, user-friendliness and price, the safety of animals and people was also a key consideration in the development of BEO-BAND® pasture fencing. That resulted in an elasticated band without hard or sharp parts, which can easily be attached with safely finished aluminium and plastic clips. BEO-BAND® therefore provides pasture fencing that is safe in all respects. Especially when used in combination with a livewire that prevents chafing against bands and posts.


Pasture fencing safety and the Environment

There is a strong focus on the safety of horses and livestock in the Netherlands. Recommendations were made to improve the safety of pasture fencing, for example, that fencing should be at least 4 cm wide so horses can see it. BEO-BAND® pasture fencing is at least 6 cm wide, but is also available in widths of 7 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm, and for different applications. Another reason BEO-BAND® provides permanently safe pasture fencing is that it never sags, even after long-term use, provided it is installed correctly. Because it is resistant to UV radiation, acids and extreme temperatures, it retains its elasticity and does not stretch or shrink. BEO-BAND® is temperature-resistant from -30 to 50 degrees Celsius. An inspection certificate is available. Made of woven polyester and finished with PVC, BEO-BAND® pasture fencing is also a product that does not harm the environment because it can be disposed of and processed in an environmentally-friendly way.

Applications and more

Not only does BEO-BAND® provide safe pasture fencing, it can also be used to guarantee the safety of your horses in the stable, paddock, or lunging pen. It is easy to install and apart from the horses, the cowboys and cowgirls will also feel safe with this enclosure. Perhaps you use a treadmill for training your horses. A safe and durable enclosure is of the utmost importance; after all, you don't want to risk injuring the horses. BEO-BAND® pasture fencing is also highly suitable for that purpose.


If you are looking for a protective covering for your stable steps, BEO-BAND® provides a safe solution through a combination of BEO-BAND® and foam cushions. The BEO-BAND® product is available in black in widths of 75 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm.


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