Are you aware of the risks that unsafe pasture fencing poses to your horse or pony?

Then you also know the unfortunate consequences!


BEO-BAND® is the perfect solution for avoiding this.


BEO-BAND® is used to fence off pastures for horses in the Netherlands, Europe and overseas regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and North and South Africa. Benefits compared to other materials are its UV resistance and the fact the BEO-BAND® will never sag once pulled taut. BEO-BAND® is easy to attach with safely finished aluminium clips (with a special profile). The use of a livewire between the 2 rows of BEO-BAND® is recommended to prevent chafing against bands and poles. To ensure the safety of your horse, this livewire will snap if it comes under too much pressure.


BEO-BAND® for pasture fencing is available in black, green and white. The minimum width is 6 cm, followed by 7 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm. 

BEO-BAND® is now also used in the deserts of Dubai and certified temperature-resistant to 50°C. It does not stretch in these extreme conditions.






BEO-BAND® is the perfect solution for avoiding this:

  • exceptionally strong

  • multiple woven polyester inlays

  • maintenance-free

  • UV-resistant

  • not harmful to the environment

  • remains taut for many years

  • temp. resistant from -30° to 50°C

  • no hard or sharp edges

  • easy to install

  • over 25 years' experience

  • 2-year factory guarantee

  • inspection certificate available